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How to Renew a Driver’s License in Florida

Need to renew your Florida driver’s license? We have collected helpful information to assist you with the renewal process and make it easier and more convenient.

There are three ways to renew a driver’s license in Florida. You can either do it:

  1. Online application and Checklist download
  2. By mail, if eligible (read below for instructions)
  3. In person at your local department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) office

Whether you are applying to renew your driver’s license online, by mail or in person, you are required to provide the following documents:


One Primary Proof of Identification

  • U.S. Birth certificate or registration of birth issued by the Bureau of Vital Statistics or State Board of health
  • U.S. Valid Passport or Passport Card
  • Unexpired foreign passport with a valid unexpired U.S. Visa accompanied by the approved I-94 form documenting your most recent admittance to the U.S. ( for non-U.S. Citizens and commercial driver license holders must also present other proof of legal presence to renew)
  • Valid U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) documents


One Proof of Residency

  • Utility bill or credit bill within the last 90 days
  • Federal state or local government documents such as licenses, assessments or receipts
  • Other documents containing your name and address with manager approval may be accepted
  • Account statement from a bank or other financial institution within the last 90 days


One Proof of Social Security Documents (must contain the SSN):

  • Social Security Card (Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers are not accepted)
  • Annual Social Security Statement
  • U.S. Internal revenue Service Tax reporting W-2 form or 1099 form
  • Payroll check stub issued by employer
  • Unexpired U.S. Active Duty/Retiree/Reservist Military ID Card (DD-2 or Common Access Card). ID cards of military dependents are not accepted.


Online Renewal

Online application is the fastest way to renew a driver’s license in Florida for US citizens. Non-U.S. citizen or immigrants can only renew online if they have renewed their license in person at least once after March 2002. As for non-immigrants, they need to apply in person.


Renewal by Mail

Those who are eligible for license renewal by mail will automatically receive a renewal notice approximately 45 days before their birthday. They just need to fill out the form. They also have to follow any specific instruction and mail it along with the $48 renewal fee + processing fee stipulated in the form.


Renewal in Person

Before going to your local DHSMV office, it is best to schedule an appointment using the Online Appointment Service and Information System (OASIS) which can be done online. This can help you set your affairs prior to your appointment and gather all the requirements needed for your appearance. Office hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday.


Renewal Fees

  • Valid Driver’s License Renewal – $48

(Class E License – standard non-commercial driver’s license)

  • Delinquent License Renewal – $63

(expired Class E License standard non-commercial driver’s license $48 + $15 delinquency fee)

  • Replacement License – $25

(lost license)

  • Stolen license – NO FEE is a police report is provided, $15 with no police report



When to renew your driver’s license

  • All driver’s license issued in Florida are valid for four years and will expire on your birthday
  • If you have a good driving record – no conviction for three years and has not been suspended or revoked for seven years, you are eligible for a “safe driver” license which is valid for six years
  • You can renew your driver’s license 18 months prior to expiration


For Suspended or Revoked License

If your license has been suspended/revoked or if you have ignored summons regarding a traffic violation, you cannot renew your driver’s license. More so, if your license got revoked in your old state. That is because the National Driver Register (NDR) and the Driver License Compact tell other states if you are suspended anywhere in the US. You better reinstate your license and pass all the requirements.

Sometimes, your license can be suspended for a variety of reasons without you knowing it. To be sure, check the current status of your driver’s license in the DHSMV).


For drivers 80 years of age or older

For all senior drivers who wish to renew their driver’s license, you are required to pass a vision test. It can be administered at the Florida Driver License Office at no additional charge. However, you need to schedule an appointment using the OASIS so you can be serve more effectively and efficiently.

You can also have a medical doctor, osteopathic physician or an optometrist to administer the vision test and to complete the Mature Driver Vision Test For (HSMV 72119.) Choose a doctor who is licensed in Florida or at a federally established veterans hospital. Please bear in mind that out-of-state doctors are not authorized to administer the test.


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